The Prophecy of the Big Reversal

By Christine Darg, Jerusalem Channel The 9th of Av is a very solemn day for the Jewish people. They read the Book of Lamentations and sit on the ground. On the 9th of Av throughout history, the following catastrophes befell the Jewish people: According to the sages, during the time of Moses and the Exodus […]

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The Ship that Launched a Nation

Via The Jewish Times and Jerry Klinger Seventy years ago, a ship once almost abandoned for scrap set out from Baltimore’s harbor for a six-month journey to Europe, where it would pick up thousands of Jewish refugees fleeing the wreckage of World War II and take them to Israel. As British troops began to board in Haifa, wooden planks […]

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Temple Mount Controversy: The Riddle of the Rock

By Christine Darg, Jerusalem Channel Since the Six Day War, when Jerusalem was unified under Jewish sovereignty, the defense minister at the time, Moshe Dayan, decided to relinquish control of the traditional Temple Mount back to the Muslims in order “to keep the peace.” Was that a wise decision in hindsight? After centuries of not […]

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“The Greatest Literary Discovery of Our Times”

By John David Pitcher Jr., MD Have you ever wanted to make a discovery like Alexander Fleming’s penicillin or Frederick Banting’s insulin, two of the greatest discoveries in medicine that were made in the 20th century that has led to physical healing? Even greater than discoveries in medicine I dare say has been a discovery […]

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Israel: A Blessing to the Nations

Saving Lives With a Simple Test to Identify Diseases During the recent Hebrew University Board of Governors, Jerusalem Channel’s Barbara Dingle attended the prestigious Kaye Prize Award ceremony. One of the holy grails of medical research is the development of a simple non-invasive test that can detect a variety of diseases with high accuracy. Goal: […]

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