Excellent Root Source teaching and graphs by Blood Moon author Bob O’Dell explains how Blood Moon tetrads come in waves and may indicate the rise, peak and fall of nations and empires.

Bob shows us how America’s influence has peaked and some of the moral, political and economic reasons.

He also graphs Blood Moon phases in the life of Israel—land, reunification and speculation on the possible meanings of the current tetrad. What might this mean for the USA if Israel is being formed in phases and what might this mean for western civilisation?

In the historical books in the Bible, there is a repetitive phrase, “for the sake of his father David,” a pattern of God delaying judgment.

Recently, a father in Jewish-Christian relations passed on to glory. Don’t miss this important teaching to understand our times, and Bob’s conclusion concerning the recent passing of Israel’s intercessor Lance Lambert.Bob-O'Dell-fullness-of-time