The Secret of the Swaddling Cloths

The Secret of the Swaddling Cloths

Christine Darg explains fascinating clues about the sign of the “swaddling cloths” to the shepherds, and the swaddled lambs at Bethlehem’s Migdal (Tower of) Eder.

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  1. Regino December 20, 2018 at 3:45 am - Reply

    Sometime ago, I was able to read that when the 3 magi gave gifts to the Lord, The ever virgin mary gave the magis some of our Lord’s swaddling cloth. These swaddling cloths are so miraculous that they found their way to the treasuries of the magi. whoever wraps them to themselves were healed from ailments and demonic possessions… not only that…. the water used to wash the swaddling cloth turn miraculous as well and heals and ward demons too.

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