The world is moving exponentially toward developing technology to mark, identify and encode individuals.  In this Bible prophecy update Jerusalem Channel presenter Christine Darg says Bible prophecy written about 2000 years ago in the book of Revelation foretold a time when a future world government will impose a universal mark in order to buy or sell anything.

Christine says: “In the past when I studied End-Time prophecy, I wondered how a global government would be able to control entire nations, but with the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve witnessed a dry run of an astonishing degree of compliance to regulations worldwide. Fear was a big motivating factor. The actual fulfilment of prophecies in the Book of Revelation would have been highly improbable until recent advances in technology. Biometric ID systems forebode the beginnings of the ominous Mark of the Beast foretold in the Book of Revelation. Already there’s a certain amount of loathing against believers and free-thinkers who even question the direction that biometric technology is taking us.”