Christine Darg says God is allowing the region to be shaken, but out of the crises will emerge a holy trilogy under God.

The Bible has a surprising prophecy about the current crises involving Israel, Syria and immediate neighbors. No longer rivals, they will worship together, and Israel will share the blessing in the center of the earth along with Egypt and the yet-to-be-reconstituted nation of Assyria.

This alliance is a work in progress to be undergirded by all intercessors and watchmen on the walls.

According to Bible prophecies, there will be a borderless highway of holiness through the region. Peace will come through (1) war, (2) divine intervention and because of (3) repentance prayer summoning the return of Messiah.

God is shaking the region and out of the crises will emerge a trilogy.
Terrorist organizations see the area with no Israel but that’s not how the God of Israel views the map!
During the soon-coming Millennial rule of King Messiah, thankfully there will be no more anti-Semitism; hatred of the nation state of Israel will disappear.