Made possible through the generosity of our ministry partners, the Jerusalem Channel’s compact ambulance has been on the scene to help in more than 470 incidents in the Old City of Jerusalem.

This is part of our ongoing support of Israel’s greatest charity— Magen David Adom (MDA) emergency services. MDA makes no distinction in race or creed when rescuing people from accidents or terrorism. Jews, Christians, Muslims, tourists—they are all equally cared for by MDA, and the white sign on the vehicle above announces to all in the streets that it was donated by the Christian friends of the Jerusalem Channel.

In fact, the vehicle on this page is the compact ambulance that our ministry partners gifted to Jerusalem’s Old City in February 2021, when it was dedicated via Zoom during Covid in a ceremony at the Western Wall. Since then, our mini ambulance has aided more than 470 incidents including injuries, medical emergencies, victims of violence as well as women in labor. It has also been featured on the news saving a number of lives.

This All Terrain Vehicle is able to navigate the Old City’s narrow lanes and climb stairs! The generosity of our partners perpetuates the saying: “Whoever saves a single soul, it is as though he had saved a whole world.”

In the photo, MDA official Yoni Yagodovsky recounted to our ministry partners all of the “exploits” accomplished by this vehicular arm of our ministry.

Our ministry partners previously have also donated a fully equipped larger ambulance to MDA that is presently serving in the Haifa area.