Christine Darg

By Christine Darg,

Jerusalem Channel

This year’s prophetic Passover seder in Israel, a Prophetic Summons, will be held at the Biblical site of Caesarea Philippi, mentioned in the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, known also as the Banias Nature Reserve in the Golan Heights.

Twenty years ago, we first began to hold our ministry’s Passover Convocations to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus in tandem with the Passover events of the Jewish holy festival rather than the pagan-oriented date associated with “Easter.”

Each one of our Prophetic Summonses during Passover has been truly unique to proclaim the Risen Lamb of God!

We have held some of these convocations and seders in Jerusalem, scene of the Last Supper, but we have also staged two prophetic seders in Egypt, scene of the original Passover meal, as well as many other locations. One of the most exciting prophetic seders was our extremely well-received seder in a “Tabernacle of David” celebration on Mt. Nebo in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan..

Past locations have included the Upper Room in Jerusalem; Cairo, Egypt; Jericho; in a Tabernacle of David in the City of David, Silwan; the misqkan at Kibbutz Almog; on a Jesus Boat floating on the Sea of Galilee; Mt. Nebo, Jordan, and Mt. Gerizim in Samaria.

Each convocation has deposited many prayers into the golden bowls upon the golden altar in heaven.

If you have attended any of these prophetic events, we would appreciate your comments below.

I am particularly excited about this year’s upcoming event which will be staged where Jesus/Yeshua was proclaimed by the Apostle Peter as the Messiah and where the keys of the kingdom were given to Peter and to the Lord’s disciples.

We have been led by the Holy Spirit to select the prophetic location of Caesarea Philippi  in the Golan Heights for a number of reasons, including all matters concerning the Jubilee Year.

For more details on this year’s 20th Passover Convocation, its theme, our speakers, accommodation, etc., kindly email [email protected] or click here to register.