By Christine Darg, Jerusalem Channel

Intercessors know that we are living in perilous, perverted times. We have been overwhelmed by the reports coming out of Mosul, Iraq, and other besieged places where Islamist terrorists have been committing the worse atrocities imaginable, barbaric acts, Nazis on steroids.

I was honoured to be contacted via Facebook by the “Jewish Schindler” Steve Maman, an Orthodox Jew from Canada. We promised prayer for his heroic efforts to save the girls, especially knowing that our friend Canon Andrew White, the vicar of Baghdad, had written a letter of support for Steve and is aiding with negotiations.

Steve Maman

Steve Maman

This brave man, Steve Maman, is apparently an answer to our prayers, since our own Western governments seem asleep or powerless to do the right thing to stop the genocide and degradation of sexual slavery. Feminist’s groups are grossly and shamefully silent about the suffering of these women who are being raped around the clock.

The Christian and Yazidi victims are so brutalized that they are crying for the ISIS camps to be bombed to be put of their misery, just as the Jewish people hoped that the Allies would bomb the Nazi railroad tracks leading to death camps during World War 2.

Maman is president of his new and timely organization called “Christinan and Yazidi Children of Iraq” (CYCI).  As a 42-year-old businessman and father of six in Montreal, nevertheless averting his eyes wasn’t an option. In an interview, he explained, “It’s my Jewish education.”

Indeed, Judaism teaches, “One who saves a life, saves a world.” Maman is putting that famous saying into practice.

Steve Maman is a Canadian   Moroccan Jewish businessman and father of six

Steve Maman is a Canadian Moroccan Jewish businessman and father of six

The Jerusalem Channel has been reporting about these atrocities, and we continue to call for prayer and divine intervention to save the women; many are very young girls.  Thankfully, Steve Maman is now attracting the press attention he deserves.


“This mission has been one of the most challenging projects that I have ever encountered in my life time,” says Steve Maman. “The liberation of Christian & Yazidi children of Iraq is the untold humanitarian narrative, which the world is leaving a blind eye.”

Since January 2015, Maman says that 102 women and children were safely pulled out of the town of Mosul. They were escorted to a secure location in Northern Iraq where short-term shelter, food, and medical care was provided. Assistance was then offered to help them relocate and to try to begin to rebuild their lives. His role is involved with marketing logistics and networking with government officials and the public.

The Jerusalem Channel prays for protection on Steve Maman and for continuing strategies for this vitally urgent humanitarian cause. We salute this example of heroism. Donations can be made at  www.liberationiraq.comprice-list