By Christine Darg

For years we have prayed, interceded, preached the Gospel and lived in the spirit of Revival. I’ve seen Revival a number of times, and I always believe faith is NOW and Revival is NOW!

During our recent Passover Conference in Jerusalem, my Root Source friend Bob O’Dell spoke on Revival and the Jubilee Year, and afterwards we arranged for shofars to shatter prophetically strongholds of cynicism and unbelief.

I also asked David Bogenrief, trumpeter for the Lord, to play prophetically the spirited tune “Reveille.” That’s the bugle call used to wake military personnel at sunrise. (David plays his trumpet all over the world, and his brother is an official trumpeter for the US military.)

This prophetic trumpet call was to be yet another RISE AND SHINE alert for the CHURCH to WAKE UP!

Our event just happened to be on (rise and shine) Resurrection Sunday on the Hebrew calendar! The purpose of the conference was to celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord during Passover and not some other out-of-synch time devised by the churches in the past. This was our 19th Passover Conference to believe for Revival in Israel and the Church in the last days!

“The 19th year of Passover Conferences, culminating in a call for revival on the Jubilee year,” O’Dell observed, “has the same progressive pattern as the founding of Israel! Israel was founded in 1948, but its 19th year was a Jubilee in 1967. May the Lord do something magnificent this year, just like He did in 1967!”

The name Reveille comes from réveille (or réveil), the French word for “wake up.” 

Although there are no official lyrics to “Reveille,” these unofficial lyrics have been popularized and they really “preach:”

Rev-eil-lee! Rev-eil-lee is sounding

The bugle calls you from your sleep; it is the break of day.
You’ve got to do your duty or you will get no pay.
Come, wake yourself, rouse yourself out of your sleep
And throw off the blankets and take a good peek at all
The bright signs of day are here, so get up and do not delay. Get Up!

I asked David Bogenrief to play “Reveille” several times, and each time, the anointing and the Presence of the Lord increased.

It’s been said that if our governments don’t rein in the spirit of jihad, if we don’t restrain and stop politically correct attitudes, it will be too late for our western nations in five years or less.

So THEN, providentially, I asked David Bogenrief to play “Taps” over certain spirits that need to be reined in, restrained and bound. This was completely unrehearsed. “Taps” is a bugle call played at dusk, during flag ceremonies, and at military funerals by the United States armed forces.  I couldn’t remember the words, but thankfully, ministry associate Nancy Crowell from the USA has a gift for recalling lyrics in such prophetic moments.  Friends, I believe this is a “now” word from the Spirit of the Living God and can be interpreted in a number of ways for the Last Days, for Revival and for the soon-coming Rapture:

Day is done, gone the sun
From the lakes, from the hills, from the sky
All is well, safely rest
God is nigh.

Fading light dims the sight
And a star gems the sky, gleaming bright
From afar, drawing near
Falls the night.

Thanks and praise for our days
Neath the sun, ‘neath the stars’, ‘neath the sky’
As we go, this we know

From Jerusalem we say: Amen, Church! Rise, shine! Be alert! The Lord has come and He is coming! Revival is NOW!

The trumpeter of the Lord, David Bogenrief, Bob O'Dell of Root Source and Christine Darg, Jerusalem Channel along with shofar blower in Old City Passover Conference Service at Christ Church

The trumpeter of the Lord, David Bogenrief, Bob O’Dell of Root Source and Christine Darg, Jerusalem Channel along with shofar blower in Old City Passover Conference Service at Christ Church