Orthodox Jew Gidon Ariel (Root Source) dines at kosher Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast with Chinese delegates

When has it ever been possible for Orthodox Jews and Christians in large gatherings in Jerusalem to sit down side-by-side at meals, eating and praying with one another? 

In God’s perfect timing, that time has come, as Psalm 133 proclaims, “Behold how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell [sit, literal Hebrew] together….”
While for many years we’ve been privileged to dine in the homes of rabbis and various Israeli friends, nevertheless we haven’t seen this dynamic on such a large scale.
A whole new level of freedom in worship was a hallmark of the third Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast Movement (JPBM) held in Jerusalem, Israel, coinciding with the 52nd anniversary of the June 1967 reunification of Jerusalem. Participants from 65 nations interceded for more nations to move their embassies to Jerualem, Israel’s capital. The United  States had set the example by announcing their embassy move, exactly six months to the day after the initial Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast of the founders in 2017.
Jerusalem Channel co-founders Peter and Christine Darg and our Exploits Ministry Trustee Barbara Dingle were among nearly 700 delegates representing Christian leaders, ambassadors and other government officials at this two-day prayer summit. Diplomatic events were held at the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, and in a Jerusalem hotel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald J. Trump both sent greetings.
The JPBM was initiated by former Member of Knesset (MK) Robert Ilatov, who on behalf of the Knesset first invited Christian leaders to come up to Jerusalem to put Psalm 121: 6 into action.  Ilatov said it was highly significant that the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast was the only event hosted within the short 21st Knesset (which was dissolved due to Likud’s failure to form a coalition government. New elections are to be held in September).
Co-chaired by JPBM director Albert Vexler and former US Congresswoman Michele Bachmann,  the event is facilitated by Josh Reinstein, director of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus.  Delegates shared ministries of exhortation and intercession, praise and worship by both Jews and Christians. The movement of prayer breakfasts has been spreading from Jerusalem to other world cities, and another will be held later this month at The Hague in the Netherlands. 
A number of international speakers brought messages concerning the necessity of Bible-Believing Christians to learn to pray for the peace of Jerusalem as well as to combat the sinister rise again of the menace of anti-Semitism. When the churches most need to understand the times, it is imperative that we educate our nations of the necessity of knowing God’s prophetic word concerning the End Times. Jerusalem has yet to receive the Zechariah 12- 13 prophesied outpouring of the Holy Spirit but it will surely happen on God’s timetable. Therefore we must not disregard the fact that God has promised to bring his people back to the land of Israel before the return of Messiah. We must prepare the way of the Lord, speak comfortably to Jerusalem and be spiritual guardians upon the walls of Jerusalem.
As one of the founding members of the JPBM, Christine Darg offered this prayer during the convocation:
Heavenly Father, your word declares in Zechariah 8:3 that Jerusalem shall be called, “Jerusalem the city of Truth.” All around us in our nations we see people suffering from strong delusions, believing lies, because they loved not the truth.” But we love your truth. As watchmen we withstand the lies. We stand in the gap against every false narrative. We prophesy to Jerusalem your future destiny as the City of Truth.

ירושלם ונקראה ירושלם עיר־האמ