Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed American UN Ambassador Nikki Haley today as a warm friend and a voice of truth:

“Thank you for all your help and standing up for Israel, standing up for the truth, which is standing up for America. Actually, I think it’s standing up for the UN as it was originally conceived. People appreciate truth. We have an ancient Hebrew saying that when somebody tells a truth, you can feel it. So people feel it, they not only understand it, they feel it. And we feel it. We’re glad to see the fruits of your efforts, uncommon common sense. And it’s the way people react across a very wide spectrum. President Trump and you I think have changed the discourse, have drawn new standards, and everybody’s taking up, and that’s great. I think it makes a world of difference, both for Israel and the US. Again, I felt that the UN would collapse, you know, that whole scaffolding of lies would just collapse. I think you’ve put in that simple word, truth.”

In an article published in The Jerusalem Post, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, described his American counterpart as “almost Israeli in her directness.”

Danon wrote that Ambassador Haley’s is “bringing moral clarity and a clear sense of justice to the UN [and] is serving as a model to leaders around the world, proving what can be accomplished when the simple truth serves as our guiding star.”

Furthermore, Danon said, “As Israelis, we are used to speaking our minds and then acting accordingly, even when it may not be the most popular course of action. This is what makes Ambassador Haley’s approach so refreshing.”

Special correspondent Angela Sparks also contributed to this article:

Before arriving in Israel, Haley first delivered a message from the Trump administration to the 35th convening of the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva Switzerland– Stop the “anti-Israel bias and singling out of Israel,” or the United States will withdraw from the council–meaning the U.S. money flow stops.

Haley has become the darling of America’s pro-Israel community. To date, in her short time at the UN, where Israel is the choice punching-bag, she been championing pro-Israel positions and blasting the UN’s “chronic Israel bias.”

Haley has said the U.N.’s approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was steeped in “prejudice” and their refusal to condemn terror attacks on Israeli citizens by Palestinians has been “down right shameful.” She called Israel “the beacon of stability in a troubled region.”

In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network on May 17, before Trump’s visit to Israel, Ambassador Haley stated she believes the Western Wall belongs to Israel and the capital of Israel is Jerusalem. She also voiced her support for moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a campaign promise President Trump has yet to deliver.

Nikki Haley is the most outspoken, pro-Israel member of President Trump’s administration and is being received with open arms in the Jewish State.

Let us lift her up in prayer, that she remains courageous and the Holy Spirit guides her every word. The mantle bestowed on her is not an easy one. She was most certainly chosen “for such a time as this!