By Christine Darg

The Torah portion, “VaYeshev” (Hebrew for “AND HE LIVED”) concerns Joseph’s Coat of Many Colours in Genesis 37.  In this half-hour teaching video, I share many of the amazing parallels between the lives of Jesus and Joseph:

Joseph, Israel’s rejected prince, is stripped of his robe and sold as a slave by his brothers into Egypt, a journey that eventually positioned Josef to become governor of Egypt, the saviour of the known world during famine and the disguised deliverer of his own family.

This week’s Torah portion, one of my favourites, in fact foreshadows the Two Advents of Yeshua the Messiah: first as the Suffering Servant (Messiah ben Yosef, Messiah the son of Joseph) and at his Second Coming, as the National Deliverer of Israel during Jacob’s Trouble (Messiah ben Davide, Messiah the son of David).

Hallelu-Yah to the coming King. . . and HE LIVES!