Jerusalem Channel presenter Christine Darg is excited to announce the launch of her first audio book of nearly four hours for your listening pleasure.

Please watch this short video to learn more and how to order it at

The year was 1977, the ship was the Queen Elizabeth 2. During the three-month voyage across the Caribbean, South America, South Africa, India, south-east Asia, and into communist China, author Christine Darg and her husband Peter encountered people and places from a now fading memory. 

During the long days at sea, Christine befriended some of the ship’s passengers and crew, and discovered that wherever you are in the world, the human heart has the same needs.

The trip was an opportunity to explore her own faith, and seek a deeper meaning while encountering the Holy Spirit. This new empowerment strengthened her for ports of call in British Hong Kong and Japan, before finally reaching the bright lights of Los Angeles, and saying goodbye to a lifetime adventure.

Christine narrates this spiritual travelogue running more than 3 1/2 hours.

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