Root Source’s Bob O’Dell interviews Christian Zionist Merv Watson, a man with many passions and interests. Merv talks about the real location of Mount Sinai, what’s new in the relationship between Christians and Jews, and the centrality of the Torah. Merv was one of the main visionaries behind the Christian celebration during the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem.  Merv talks about how the feasts of the Lord parallel God’s attributes, the times of the Gentiles being fulfilled, Gentile repentance and being drawn to Israel, and how Christianity has become threadbare. In ongoing segments, Merv advocates that Christians need to wake up, repent, and look to Jews as examples.  Bob asks Merv how he perceives God’s work on earth, the search for meaning and the need to choose life. They also discuss the prolific music of Merv’s wife Merla and view his artwork. At 82 Merv often gets asked if he is 50. He believes Israel has the world’s best food, climate, growth, and opines on “All Israel will be saved,” with an interesting definition of the commonwealth of Israel, and why Israel, the wrestler, still limps today. (1h 3m)