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Christian Leaders Condemn Anti-Semitism in Act of Reconciliation at Israeli Parliament

By Christine Darg Jerusalem Channel Declaration of Repentance delivered to Yuli Edelstein, Speaker of Israeli Knesset The Jewish people use an annual occasion to mourn the massive tragedies [...]

Christine Darg Receives Peace & Reconciliation Prize

The Jerusalem Channel's co-founder Christine Darg has received the 2017 Peace and Reconciliation Prize awarded by the heroic "vicar of Baghdad," Canon Andrew White, on behalf of his Jerusalem MERIT organization. [...]

Should Christians Sit at the Feet of Rabbis?

By Christine Darg Jerusalem Channel Last night as I was returning home in Jerusalem from a Bible study with Orthodox Jews, I was thinking this: IF a Christian is well-grounded [...]

WATCH Egyptian Man's Moving Prayer for Israel By Jonathan Feldstein Growing up in the 1970s I viewed Egyptians, and indeed most Arabs, as enemies. My father was Israeli and I knew full well that since [...]

Father Gabriel's Letter of Support for Israel 'to Safeguard Holy Land;' 'I am crying out – the world has to wake up!

Father Gabriel Nadaf, a priest in the Greek-Orthodox church in Israel, has dispatched a letter to ambassadors representing their nations in Israel, calling on them to support Israel’s government and the Israel [...]

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