Getting into the Hebraic Mindset of the Apostle Paul

  By Christine Darg Jerusalem Channel “After the LORD takes us to Himself,” speaking of the Rapture, wrote the Society for Distributing Hebrew Scriptures in a recent editorial, [...]

Amicus Curiae for a Retrial of Jesus

Dr. Pitcher By John David Pitcher Jr., MD Recently a renewed interest in the trial of Yeshua (Jesus is his English name) has occurred. 'Rabbi' Ariel Cohen Arollo [...]

Identity of the Messiah from 'The Oldest Midrash'

Dr. Pitcher By John David Pitcher Jr. I remember as a boy learning how to set the dinner table. On holidays, I got to help set the china [...]

You're Accepted Because Messiah Was Rejected

Dr. Pitcher By John David Pitcher Jr., MD In the Hebrew Scriptures, there are nine verses where “Inverted Nuns” (pronounced "noons") are used as annotations. There is no [...]

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