In the Gaza conflict, tangible miracles are being reported, such as the “Miracle Grenade” that saved an Israeli soldier’s life. A Hamas bullet struck an IDF soldier’s grenade. The grenade did not explode, and the bullet simply buried itself into the casing.

Israel’s Channel 2 News reported that the bullet was fired by an AK-47 and missed the soldier’s body, instead slamming into a hand grenade in one of his pockets. The Israeli news service called it “a double miracle in Gaza” – one because the bullet didn’t hit the soldier’s body and secondly because the grenade did not detonate.

Following past combat mishaps, the grenade was designed by Israeli Military Industries to remain intact even after being hit by a bullet or shrapnel.

Channel 2 did not say what day the incident occurred, only that it was during the  ground operation in Gaza to dismantle Hamas’ terror tunnels.double-miracle