Police installed metal detectors in and around the Old City, including at Jaffa Gate, in the wake of the recent knife attacks.

Police installed metal detectors in and around the Old City, including at Jaffa Gate, in the wake of the recent knife attacks.

9 October 2015
Dear Praying Friends,

As most of you already know, Jerusalem and other parts of the country have witnessed a number of violent incidents this week. The upsurge in terrorism comes at a time when the Temple Mount has been a focus of friction between Israelis and Palestinians. A good summary of those events is found on the Times of Israel.

Our staff and volunteers are safe, but we do worry about the implications if this violence does not end soon. We at Christ Church ask that you pray for the following:

–That God will pour out his peace and the bloodshed will come to an end.
–For God’s protection of human life – in every community.
–For the Palestinian press that has been inciting the public with wildly exaggerated reports and untruthful stories.
–For the few politicians (on both sides) who are cynically using the unrest for their own political purposes.
–That God will discredit leaders (religious, political and others) who advocate solving this conflict with violence and more force.
–That those who perpetrate terrorism will be caught and brought to justice.
–That the Israeli army and police will act with wisdom.
–That Palestinian and Israeli officials will cooperate to bring an end to the tension.
–That God through his Spirit of Holiness will bring reconciliation and healing to Jews and Arabs (especially in Jerusalem where divisions between the two communities are the deepest).
–That God will give the followers of Jesus the opportunity to be witnesses of his Presence in this situation.

If you have planned to come to Israel in the upcoming weeks or months, please do not cancel. Tourists are rarely ever caught up in the political violence that occasionally breaks out here. Even with the recent events Israel is still safer than any major city in North American or Europe.


David Pileggi
Christ Church Jerusalem

Christ Church Jerusalem is the oldest Protestant Church in the Middle East. It was built in 1849 with Jewish symbols and Hebrew inscriptions to remind both Jews and Gentiles of the Jewish origins of Christianity.

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