By Christine Darg

Jerusalem Channel

In our prayer life, let every day and night be a Night and Day of Power.

But according to some websites tonight Friday 31 May 2019….is the Ramadan NIGHT OF POWER.

Because the Islamic calendar is another system, other websites say the Night of power is in one of two days, 1 or 2 June 2019.

We intercessors already have Franklin Graham’s call to prayer on 2 June for Trump, and it makes sense to pray for both together. Please join us in praying for Muslims to encounter the risen Jesus and to be saved. The fullness of the Gentiles must come into the kingdom of God. Therefore pray for the fullness of the Muslims to come in. They are the largest unsaved, Gentile group in the world.

The last 10 days of Ramadan are deemed a special time of prayer, culminating in the Night of Power. Muslims believe this most coveted night is an opportunity to gain forgiveness of their sins.  Therefore, Muslims all over the world have an expectation to receive dreams or visions during the Night of Power.

Jesus as Light of the World Carrying a Lantern and Knocking at Doors of Hearts

Let us continually stand in the gap for the Muslim world. Pray that many will have dreams and visions of Jesus this night when they are spiritually open and expectant, as I have documented in my book, “Miracles Among Muslims: The Jesus Visions.”