Kosovo Pastor Suffers Deadly Explosion


A courageous Muslim Background Believer, Pastor Hoti Skender, was a dear friend and pastor to many around the world. He exuded the joy of the Lord and shared his faith in Jesus with all peoples, including the many Muslims who live in the disputed province of Kosovo.

Pastor Skender was burned over 70% of his body from a fire in his home in, Gjakova, Kosovo, on the night of December 28, 2016. His wife, Valbona, and their three children were able to escape with minimal harm. However, Pastor Skender was rushed to Pristina Hospital and after of a week of fighting for his life, he died from his injuries.

To add to the pain, his precious family lost their home from the fire. The home also served as the meeting place for their church.

Please pray for the Hoti family! Pastor Skender is with Jesus, but please prayerfully consider helping his family financially to recover from this tragedy by donating at this link: https://www.gofundme.com/35zmfa0

Donations will go to his widow Valbona and their three children to use for unpaid medical expenses, funeral costs, and a fresh start. The survivors lost all their possessions and their home in the fire. In addition, Pastor Skender was their primary provider. Your donations will be a huge help and encouragement right now!

Thank you for supporting our friend and his family!

In Jesus,
Pastor Eric Nichols and Brian Primrose (Bprimo13@hotmail.com), on behalf of the family

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