See this week’s prayer items concerning the nation state law. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Druze spiritual leader Sheikh Muafak Tarif reached an historic outline that constitutes a revolution in the legal status of minority community members who serve in the security forces, particularly the Druze community. Sheikh Tarif blessed the team’s work and thanked the Prime Minister for quick and serious work.
The components of the outline be presented to senior members of the community are as follows:
1. Anchoring in law the status of the Druze and Circassian communities. The law will esteem the contribution of the Druze community to the State of Israel in building up the country, strengthening security and fashioning the face of Israeli society as an equal and varied society, and will include support for community religious, cultural and educational institutions; the strengthening of Druze towns and villages, including solutions for residential construction, and the establishment of new communities as necessary; and the preservation of the Druze heritage.
2. Anchoring in law the eligibility for benefits of minority community members – of all faiths and communities – who serve in the security forces, to achieve social equality.
3. Anchoring in a basic law recognition of the contribution of those – of all faiths and communities, including the Druze – who take part in the defense of the state.