1. Praise:

    As we pass into 2024, prophetic events seem to indicate that Messiah Yeshua’s return could be closer than many believe. Yet regardless of whether His coming is right around to corner or still decades away, these events show us that God is watching over His Word to fulfill it (Jer. 1:12) and that we should learn to interpret prophecy like Yeshua did – to expect a literal fulfillment first before seeing if there are any spiritual implications as well.

    • Thank You Lord that as Balaam said You will do all that You declare (Num. 23:19; cp. Isa. 55:11).
    • We bless You for giving us Your Spirit who at times enables us to see that which You are allowing, or You are doing, to fulfill Your Word and wrap up this age (John 14:1716:13).
    • We praise You that Israel’s restoration and salvation is prophesied to occur before Your return and we see both in the process of being accomplished today (Jer. 32:37-4433:6-17Zech. 8:1-814:1-4).
    • We are in awe as we see You drawing the nations against Jerusalem in line with Zechariah 12:2-3.
    • We bless You for the IDF being that exceedingly great army (Ezek. 37:10) to protect Your people so that You can pour out Your Spirit of grace upon them and save all Israel (Zech. 12:10).
    • We rejoice as Jacob declares You in the Torah portion as the Shepherd, the Stone of Israel, (Gen. 49:24b) which points to You, Lord Yeshua (Luke 20:17John 10:1114Acts 4:11Eph. 2:20.
    • We praise You for Your total sovereignty being again proclaimed in the Torah portion (Gen. 50:20).
    • Thank You God for all of our prayers that You have answered and for all of those that You have not answered as they were not in line with Your will (1 John 5:14-15).
  2. Government & society:

    Many of Israel’s political and military leaders are making decisions as if the Hamas massacre was a one-time event. Yet reality has changed for most Israelis who now see their relations with the Palestinians in a totally different light. Massive global pressure, which tells Israel how it should fight Hamas, contributes to its leaders’ wobbly stances. Israel needs a change in leadership in many areas in order to be the nation which God wants it to be today (Num. 23:9b).

    • God, as we perceive this to be vital, we again ask You to promote the Sons of Zion and replace the Sons of Greece in Israel’s government, its military and its society (Psa. 75:5-7Zech. 9:13).
    • Please increase the impact of the Sons of Issachar as well throughout Your nation (1 Chr. 12:32a).
    • Since Bibi Netanyahu is still Israel’s leader, use him for Your glory (Psa. 115:1-3Prov. 21:1).
    • Abba, if it is Your will for him to leave politics after the war, tell him and remove him (Dan. 2:21).
    • Strengthen Israel’s current leadership to be very tenacious in all that is Your will, including resisting the creation of a Palestinian State (Job 32:838:36Jer. 1:18).
    • Defend Israeli UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan in that anti-God organization (Psa. 20:1-259:1-2).
    • Lord God, use Psalm 42:5-11 and 43:5 to comfort Israelis whose loved ones have died, or who will die, who are still hostages, or whose fate is still unknown (Psa. 23:491:2Jer. 31:15-17Dan. 9:9).
    • Help them to direct their rage and frustration at Hamas who is responsible for this terrible situation, and not at Bibi and the rest of the government or at the IDF (Num. 35:31Jer. 4:31Rev. 22:15).
    • We thank You for hearing our prayers as more Haredi [ultra-Orthodox] are taking an active role in many areas in Israeli society (Psa. 80:3133:11 John 5:14-15). Increase this, Lord!
    • Turn them and their rabbis into true Sons of Zion (Psa. 80:18-19119:511-16).
    • Abba, miraculously sustain Israel’s economy at this time (Gen. 26:12-14Psa. 36:8132:15).
    • Guide Finance Minister Smotrich to receive plans from You to benefit the economy (Prov. 16:19).
    • Show Israel which foreign workers to invite to replace the Palestinians (Isa. 14:160:31061:5).
    • We thank You for Israel’s military industry developing new weapons systems, as well as increasing their production of munitions so that Israel will be more self-sufficient in times of war (Prov. 8:12).
  3. “Operation Swords of Iron,” Israel’s war against Hamas, is very rough on Israeli society. Each day we deal with more announcements and pictures of IDF soldiers who died fighting Hamas. Yet the destruction of Hamas – its people and its infrastructure – is progressing. Yet the US Biden Administration has hinted that Israel’s time to pursue this war is limited, and recommended that it change tactics to protect Gazan civilians better. With the US resupplying much of Israel’s ammo and weapons, and providing diplomatic protection at the UN, this is seen by many Israelis as arm-twisting as America has no real stake in this war. So far, Israel’s war cabinet has stood strong in supporting the Israel’s goal of destroying Hamas and freeing its hostages.
    • God, rebuke all attempts to manipulate or blackmail Israel (Num. 23:23Job 5:13-14Isa. 54:17).
    • We thank You for the war cabinet’s firm stance as this is an answer to prayer (Psa. 86:791:15).
    • Do not let Israel be more merciful to Your enemies than You want them to be (1 Kin. 20:42).
    • Remove Hamas’ demonic protection, and send confusion and panic instead (Psa. 78:49Zech. 9:5b).
    • Lord God Almighty, reinforce Your angelic hosts fighting alongside the IDF (Psa. 35:5-6).
    • Let the flooding of Hamas’ tunnels system sweep away all of the deadly traps they have set there to use against the IDF (Job 22:15-17Isa. 28:15-1830:28).
    • Protect Israel’s soldiers, including their minds, and supply every need (Psa. 23:5140:7144:10).
    • Enable the IDF to fight like David’s mighty men, especially inside Gaza’s cities (2 Sam. 23:8-9).
    • Protect them from all friendly fire or other types of accidents (Psa. 3:3-591:4).
    • Lord, open the eyes of Israelis and the rest of the world to recognize that every death – be it Israeli or Palestinian – is ultimately Hamas’ fault (Num. 35:26-2731Psa. 34:21).
    • God of mercy, supernaturally release all remaining hostages (Psa. 69:3379:11-12144:7), or guide the IDF to find them – or their bodies (Num. 21:1-3Isa. 49:24-26Jer. 31:11).
    • Download Your wisdom to Israel’s intelligence agencies and help them to correctly decipher all data collected in Gaza, as well as in Judea and Samaria (Deut. 29:29Isa. 50:5Dan. 2:22).
    • We ask You to reinforce Israel’s stance against letting the Palestinian Authority [PA] be Gaza’s next rulers as the PA is as wicked and hate-ridden as Hamas towards the Jewish nation (Isa. 8:9-10).
    • Let Israel stress how the Palestinian Authority and most Palestinians support Hamas’ massacre, and therefore are not real “peace” partners in any sense of the word (Psa. 55:20-21120:7).
    • God, show very clearly to Israel’s leaders how today is the day for Your nation to possess Gaza, in the recognition that it is a part of Judah’s biblical inheritance (Josh. 15:147Judg. 1:18).
  4. Internal security:

    Israeli security forces are warring against Hamas and other terrorists in Judea and Samaria. While they are having great success, terror attacks continue on a daily basis.

    • Lord God, make Israel relentless in eradicating all terrorists and terror cells in Judea, Samaria and anywhere else in Your land (Deut. 7:1-2Psa. 37:14-15Zech. 9:13-15).
    • Release Your terror to fall on Your enemies all through Your land (Gen. 35:52 Chr. 17:10).
    • God of Jacob, protect all Israel – its big cities as well as its settlements (Psa. 121:4Isa. 31:5).
    • We ask You to have the final say in the placement of IDF troops and equipment (Psa. 44:1-4).
    • Expose any Iranian spies or collaborators among the Palestinians (Job 34:22Psa. 139:12).
    • Uncover all terror tunnels that may have been dug in Judea and Samaria (Job 12:22Prov. 15:3).
    • Instruct Israelis throughout Your land, especially in Judea and Samaria, to be capable to defend themselves, their families and communities (Isa. 41:10-16Jer. 30:16).
    • Let Israel allow more citizens to own weapons, especially ex-soldiers (Neh. 4:17Job 19:29).
    • Lord, use the Hamas massacre and war following to show Israelis how dividing Your land is very dangerous and let them toss out this unbiblical concept once and for all (Judg. 2:1-5Joel 3:1-2).
    • Let every IDF soldier’s death in Gaza be another nail in the coffin of the “two-state-solution” peace idol in the minds and hearts of any Israelis who still trust in this (Psa. 33:10-11Isa. 29:14).
    • Use the war against terrorist armies inside the land strengthen Israel’s need to extend its sovereignty over all of Your land – from the river to the sea (Psa. 10:16Mal. 1:1-5)!
    • When Your people read Genesis 48:3-4 50:24 in the Torah portion, show them once again that You have sworn to give all of Your land to Your chosen nation – Israel.
    • Save many Palestinians and turn them into lovers of Your people (Matt. 5:44Rom. 11:11).
  5. External security:

    Iran is using Middle East proxies to pursue its goal of Israel’s destruction. Whether against Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza, Hizbullah in Lebanon, or its activities in Syria, Israel is at war with Iran today. Regardless of how we interpret Ezekiel 38-39, where ancient Persia joins with others attacks Israel (38:5), we dare not stop praying into this as no one can be 100% certain that what we are seeing today is that prophetic scenario.

    • You are in overall control, therefore please guide our prayers so that we will not pray against that which You are doing to fulfill Your Word (Psa. 103:19Amos 3:7).
    • Prepare the IDF and Israel’s politicians and society to wage an all-out multi-front war against Iran and its various proxies – if and when it is Your will (Jer. 51:20-24Ezek. 25:14).
    • Strengthen the IDF’s response to Hizbullah’s attacks, making them very effective (Prov. 21:30-31).
    • If Hizbullah has tunnels which Israel has not yet found – bring them to the surface (Luke 12:2)!
    • Drag Hizbullah into Your trap and have the IDF destroy them completely (Mic. 4:11-13).
    • Send massive confusion between Iran and its terrorist proxies in every arena (Psa. 35:26129:5).
    • Lord God, arise and wreak havoc on every one of Iran’s nuclear facilities (Isa. 24:134:8).
    • Continue Lord Yeshua, to build Your throne in Elam [ancient Iran] through the physical growth and spiritual maturity of the believers in Iran (Jer. 49:38aMatt. 16:18b).
    • Also, please, in an instant, fulfill the rest of Jeremiah 49:38 and remove Iran’s Shi’ite leadership.
    • Guide Iran believers as they pray for their nation (1 Tim. 2:1-4), and for Israel (Psa. 122:6).
  6. Aliyah:

    God in His eternal love is regathering His people (Jer. 31:3). Believers should support this as it is an essential fulfillment of His end-time plans for Israel’s salvation (Psa. 14:753:6).

    • We bless You for giving us confidence as we pray for aliyah, since we know from Your Word that is Your will, as well as for Your holy name’s sake (Isa. 43:5-7Ezek. 36:22-241 John 5:14-15).
    • We praise You that many Jews have made aliyah since October 7th because of rising anti-Semitism and to display a solidarity with their nation (Jer. 16:16Zech. 10:8-12).
    • Lord, thank You for preparing Israel, even in the midst of the war, to receive millions of more Jews whom You will be drawing – or chasing – home soon (Psa. 147:2Isa. 54:2-3Jer. 31:10).
    • As this lines up with Your promise, we again pray for all illegally built homes in Area C by the EU for Palestinians to end up housing Your people instead (Deut. 6:10-11Josh. 24:13Neh. 9:25).
    • Modify Israel’s Law of Return so that someone with only a Jewish father can make aliyah as a Jew, and not just someone who only has a Jewish mother (Matt. 15:6bMark 7:13).
    • God, strip away the blindness of Western Jews who think their comfortable lifestyle will return, and help them to learn the lessons of 1900 plus years of Jewish history among the gentiles (Isa. 52:1-8).
    • Show Jews that they can still return with their accumulated finances today (Isa. 60:9).
    • Stir up more believers to help bring Your people back home, in prayer, physically, financially and by sharing with their Jewish friends and acquaintances about aliyah (Isa. 49:2260:3-11).
    • Speak to many churches to place the support of aliyah on their missions’ budgets (Rom. 15:27).
  7. Salvation:

    Israel’s salvation hastens Lord Yeshua’s return as there will be Jews in Jerusalem crying out to Him, Blessed is He who comes in the name of YHWH (Matt. 23:39).

    • Attract more Jews to read all of the Tanach, and not just the Torah (Jer. 15:162 Tim. 3:15-17).
    • As Jews read Shabbat’s Torah portion, cause them to ask You about the identity of that Angel who was Jacob’s Redeemer (Gen. 48:15-16).
    • Also, from the Torah portion, reveal to them that Messiah comes out from Judah (Gen. 49:8-10), and reveal to them that the New Testament declares Yeshua is that Lion of the tribe of Judah (Rev. 5:5).
    • Lord, with the following groups, and in line with Ezekiel 37:26, “cut” an eternal covenant of peace with Your people and heal them of their partial blindness (Rom. 11:25-29): survivors of the Hamas massacre; all hostages still living; hostages who are now free but are imprisoned by their minds and emotions; hostage families and friends, especially those who do not know if their loved ones are alive; IDF soldiers and officers and their families; severely wounded soldiers and their families; emergency medical personnel; Israeli politicians who make life and death decisions daily; Israeli diplomats in the nations; Jews internally displaced; Jews in exile who are now very concerned for their safety; every Holocaust survivor; Jewish children and students, teachers and professors; all unsaved loved ones of Messianic Jews (Isa. 44:21-22).
    • King Messiah, use believers in the IDF and in Israeli society to be light to every unsaved Jew with whom we have contact (2 Cor. 4:6Eph. 5:8).
    • Lord, guide all Jews who recently realized that the Baby born in Bethlehem is the King of the Jews, to their specific place in Your Body (Acts 6:712:24Rom. 12:4-5;; Eph. 4:16).
  8. Body of Messiah:

    If 2024 continues with the “excitement” of this year, then it is imperative for the Body to grasp a deeper knowledge of the complete bible – especially in the recognition that if the Old Testament [Tanach] is no longer valid, then neither is the New (2 Tim. 3:15-16).

    • Lord Yeshua, raise up more children of Zion in Your Body who see these links and replace all of the children of Greece, in particular those who are teaching elders (Zech. 9:13Acts 20:28-32).
    • Give all of us a deeper hunger for Your Word, and a joy while reading it (Jer. 15:16).
    • Impart Your discernment to us in using the Word to understand events today (Psa. 36:9119:130).
    • Raise up more believers to pray for their country’s relations with Israel (Num. 24:9Ezek. 22:30-31).
    • King Messiah, drive out of Your Body every anti-Semitic and anti-Zionistic spirit (Rev. 22:14-16).
  9. Water:

    Rain has been falling on Israel, yet recently the weather has been unseasonably warm. As Israel is in its winter season please pray for the heavy rains and even snow in all the right places.

    • Thank You for the rain which refreshes Your people at this tense period in Israel (Psa. 68:9).
    • God, control the weather for Your glory and Your nation’s welfare (Job 5:10-1137:6Psa. 104:13).
    • Father, in mercy pour out all of the precipitation Israel needs today (Zech. 10:1Matt. 5:45b).
  10. IFI:

    We often find ourselves at the end of our mental and emotional strength. It is often then that we experience the truth that it is only by His grace mediated through His Spirit that any of us will be able to finish the race (Zech. 4:6-71 Tim. 4:7). Your persistent prayers, notes of encouragement and financial support go a long way in helping us to keep our eyes upon Yeshua (Heb. 12:2). Once again, we thank you very much.

Shabbat shalom from Jerusalem

Chuck Cohen, for the IFI team

2 Cor. 5:17-21