Christine Darg

Christine Darg

By Christine Darg

Horrific bombings and acts of violence explode from Baghdad to San Bernadino, from Medina to France. One of the latest atrocities—a young Afghan immigrant attacking passengers with an axe on a German train, while extolling Allah as being greater in Arabic.
Israeli civilians have been enduring these barbaric acts for decades.But Satan always overplays his hand!This is because he suffered brain damage way back in the Garden of Eden. It was prophesied in Genesis 3 that Satan would bruise the heel of the Messiah BUT the Messiah would crush his head. That victory happened at the Cross.

So brain-damaged Satan thinks he can still win, but his desperation is showing as time draws nearer day by day to the return of Jesus to rule this world.

Who is the real God? Yah, the God of Israel! We love it when he stands up like he did in recent historic memory in 1948 (rebirth of Israel), 1967 (recapture of Jerusalem) and 1976 when Israel was blessed with the most daring rescue operation in history at Entebbe against terrorists. He will stand up BIG TIME again soon in the Ezekiel 38 war.

For many years in Jerusalem, we have prayed for God to bind the evil principality that is behind today’s explosion of global terrorism.

The Jewish people teach us to use the psalms in spiritual warfare. Some of the key verses that we have used are Psalm 149:
Praise Yah! Sing to Yehovah a new song, His praise in an assembly of saints. 6 The exaltation of God is in their throat, And a two-edged sword [Word of God] in their hand. 7 To do vengeance among nations, Punishments among the peoples. 8 To bind their [spiritual] kings with chains, And their honoured ones with fetters of iron, 9 To do among them the judgment written, This honor have all his saints. Praise Jah!

Yes, we know our nations are deserving of the judgments we have been experiencing. God’s Word teaches that when we rebel and stray from God, he sends enemies in our midst who are like thorns in our sides and who sting us like hornets. A loving God allows these judgments as a wake up call to prod us to return to him.

Therefore according to 2 Chronicles 7:14, we’ve been returning to the Lord by humbling ourselves, by praying, seeking his face and purposing to turn from our wicked ways. And when we do those four things, the Lord promises to do three wonderful things: he will hear from heaven, forgive us and heal our land.

So let us extol the high praises of God as spiritual warfare today. We have an enemy that is operating differently from times past.

We are in World War 3 and the enemy’s tactic is to strike at soft targets.

Screenshot from Dry Bones Facebook page

Screenshot from Dry Bones Facebook page

Israel’s recent Dry Bones cartoon is the proverbial picture worth a thousand words: it says in the past a soldier had a uniform and a serial number, etc., but now all the terrorists need are a driver’s license and a knife. But thank God we don’t need to be stumped about these tactics, because our prayer strategy trumps Trojan horses. God says the battle is HIS.

As intercessors our job is to lift up the high praises of the One true God. Jehosophat knew that. He went the praisers and the worshipers ahead of the armies of the Lord.

The terrorists say their God is greater. That is their battle cry. But there is no God greater than the One true God. There are many passages in the Bible of high praises that we could send forth today, but I will simply call upon verses I found in my daily Bible reading from 1 Chronicles 29: 10-13:

And David blessed Yehovah before the eyes of all the assembly, and David said “Blessed are You, Yehovah, God of Israel our father, from age even unto age. To You, O Yehovah, is the greatness, and the might, and the beauty, and the victory, and the honour, because of all in the heavens and in the earth; to Thee, O Yehovah, is the kingdom, and he who is lifting up himself over all for head; 12 and the riches, and the honour are from Thee, and Thou art ruling over all, and in Thy hand is power and might, and in Thy hand, to make great, and to give strength to all. And now, our God, we are giving thanks to Thee, and giving praise to Thy beauteous name.”

Amen and Amen!

You see, when you read through the Word of God on a daily basis, there is always food for the day. And there is always weaponry for the moment.