Restoration of Brotherhood in Mideast

By Christine Darg Jerusalem Channel Some of history’s most tragic figures are failed political leaders and religious imams who teach their people to hate Jews, to name streets after terrorists, to abuse children as suicide bombers. After the signing of the Oslo Accords and the establishment of the Palestinian Authority (PA) more than 20 years ago, Palestinians […]

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John 3: 16 Commentary: ‘The One and Only’

By John David Pitcher Jr., MD While putting together the sequel “I AM your brother” to “God in Person, El Shaddai”, I came across an uncommon word in Hebrews 11:17 and thought you all might enjoy this short article and accompanying sketch!! “The One and Only” (contextual meaning) Undoubtedly the most famous verse in the […]

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Excavations Near Jaffa Gate Connected with Jesus?

Was this the original location of the Praetorium (judgment hall) where Pilate judged Jesus? Now called the Kishle — Turkish for prison — the site was used as a jail by the Ottoman Turks in the 1800s and subsequently used by the British in the 1940s to hold captured Jewish militia members. A map of Greater Israel […]

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Rebuilding Temple Gather Momentum

By Helen Lineen, Jerusalem Channel    ‘When you see these things begin to happen, look up for your redemption is near’–Luke 21: 2 As believers we are always looking out for “these things.” “These things” are the signs of His imminent return! One of those signs is the growing momentum for the rebuilding of the […]

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