The Prophetic Transference of Elijah’s Mantle

By John David Pitcher Jr., MD Here is another devotional and a new sketch that is meant to capture the last rays of the sunset on Elijah’s forehead and left hand (and a little on the fingertips of his right hand and a little shimmer on the nearby vegetation!) After a very busy day of […]

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The Mystery of the Counting of the Omer

By Christine Darg Jerusalem Channel “It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out.” (Proverbs 25: 2) Are you interested in the Rapture of the Church, the catching away of believers to be with the Lord Jesus forever?  This subject has captivated me for years because […]

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‘I AM Your Brother!’

By John David Pitcher, Jr, MD After the physician Luke recorded an unusual parable of Yeshua the Messiah in his Gospel in Luke 18:1-5 not recorded by Matthew, Mark or John about a widow that often came to a judge to ask for defense against her adversary, he records Messiah’s words in Luke 18:8 after […]

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China Bibles: From Banned to Bargain

By Christine Darg, Jerusalem Channel Exactly 40 years ago in 1977 my husband Peter and I were some of the first western tourists allowed into the mainland of Communist China. We took the opportunity to purchase a supply of Chinese language Bibles in what was at the time the British colony of Hong Kong and we […]

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