Popular TV Series Bashes Christians Yet Again

YouTube Screenshot from anti-Christian "Handmaid's Tale" on Britain's Channel 4

In a Daily Mail post, commentator Peter Hitchens wrote that “a bad dose of Christian bashing” is being dished out by
Channel 4 which “has won much modish praise for screening the laughable anti-Christian fantasy The Handmaid’s Tale, starring a gloriously sulky and smug Elisabeth Moss.”

It’s being called a “dangerous fantasy,” and all believers who are concerned about intolerance toward the “People of the Book,” both Jews and Christians, should take note and be concerned.

This story is based on a politically correct novel written by Canadian, Margaret Atwood.

“In her fable,” Hitchens wrote, “fanatical evangelical Christians take over the USA, and turn it into a tyranny in which they enslave fertile women, raping them once a month in the presence of their wives.”

What is so disturbing is that the drama seems to be trying to make the point that Christians are bad people! In a terrible scene, a woman is raped while the raptist quotes the Bible.

This drama seems like it will make the novel and subsequent movie Elmer Gantry look like child’s play.

(Elmer Gantry is a satirical novel written by Sinclair Lewis in 1926 that presents aspects of the religious activity of America in fundamentalist and evangelistic circles and the attitudes of the 1920s public toward it.)

Hitchens  repeated a warning: “Those who seek to drive Christianity out of our society may be unpleasantly surprised when they find out what actually replaces it.”