Wiccans Against Washington, D.C.

By Christine Darg, Jerusalem Channel In my lifetime I’ve never seen anything to match the animosity and opposition that’s been thrown against an American Presidential figure to try to bring him down…. both before and after his election. The Internet is full of a story that tonight witches will put a hex on President Trump. The […]

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Latest Edition of Exploits Magazine

CLICK HERE to browse our latest Exploits Magazine. Topics include reports on: ~Our New Year Watchmen and Women on the Walls Intercessory Convocation in Jerusalem ~The People the Book in the nation of Georgia ~The Israeli rabbi who plans to exonerate Jesus.

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Israel’s 11th Annual Night to Honor Christian Allies

By Christine Darg, Jerusalem Channel Jews and Christians continue to come closer together as the Peoples of the Book and nothing is more symbolic of this End-time move of God than the annual “Night to Honor our Christian Allies” in Jerusalem co-sponsored by the World Jewish Congress and the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) Christian Allies Caucus. […]

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Spiritual Speculations of Trump Presidency

PROMINENT RABBI PREDICTS TRUMP’S SUCCESS By Christine Darg, Jerusalem Channel For all of his bravado and projection of Alpha Male success, Donald Trump continually demonstrated a refreshing level of humility during his election campaign when it came to receiving spiritual instructions and prophetic acts from evangelical pastors and leaders. We watched The Donald mantled with a […]

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Kosovo Pastor Suffers Deadly Explosion

A courageous Muslim Background Believer, Pastor Hoti Skender, was a dear friend and pastor to many around the world. He exuded the joy of the Lord and shared his faith in Jesus with all peoples, including the many Muslims who live in the disputed province of Kosovo. Pastor Skender was burned over 70% of his body […]

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